Baro: Expertise gained through experience.

Complete maintenance of buildings and plant, from damage analysis, to cost estimates, detailed description of work through to punctual and faultless execution of the work: 

Corrosion protection:
Corrosion protection DIN EN ISO 12944 ZTV KOR.
Coating work according to WHG § 19(TRbF 401/402)
   (Water Supply Act).
Fire protection work according to F 30 - F 60 of DIN 4102.
Interior coating of vessels.
Mobile abrasive blasting and coating equipment.
Concrete repairs:
Concrete repairs according to ZTV SIB 90/RiLi SIB.
Rissinjektion nach ZTV Riss
Fracture injections according to ZTV Riss.
Coating work according to WHG § 19 (Water Supply Act).
Sealing of flat roofs, car park decks, balconies and terraces.
Industrial floor / plastic coating construction work sealing.
Supply of transmitter mast access equipment for inspections

and repair work.


General high construction painting work:

Painting and wallpapering work
Painting work on mineral basis
Painting of wood, metal and plastic


Federal Association of Corrosion Protection


Painting and Varnishing  
Dortmund & Lünen

Dortmund Craftsman Guild



Tank Protection Quality Association


Federal Quality Association for Concrete Surface Repairs